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[dvd-discuss] NC Candidate for Congress wants to "fix" or "repeal" the DMCA

Congressional candidate Tripp Helms has taken a public stand against the DMCA:

"Rather than modify existing copyright law to incorporate changes appropriate
to changes in technology, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act undermines fair
use and "first sale" principles, and it has the potential to stifle academic
research and learning, as well as to undermine the Internet's potential to
become this millennium's greatest means of expression for those who love
freedom and liberty and want to preserve them. If we can't fix the DCMA, then
we need to repeal it and pass a law that respects the principles on which this
country was founded. "

Helms is running for Congress as a Democrat in the 8th District of North
Carolina. It is nice to finally find somebody to be for.

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