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Re: [dvd-discuss] Open with caution

Only if the courts don't throw out shrinkwrap licenses.....in this 
instance the claims are bogus since the items were received in the mail 
and unsolicited. Remember cuecat? SPeaking of which at www.cuecat.com

DigitalConvergence had a colossal dream. 


                     The dream was to connect items in the physical world 
to the Internet, automatically. 

                      In January that dream hit a bump in the road and the 
servers were taken offline. 

                                                   They will scan again... 

If you have a Cue Cat, save it. The patents and technology created by 
DigitalConvergence will again be available for
business and consumer use. 

If you are looking for a Registration code or Technical support, those 
items are not in place at this time, but
please check here in the near future for them. 

To be continued... 

Do you share this dream? Contact this site's administrator if you would 
like to lend your talents. 

Copyright 2002 

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Slashdot had a reference to this article about shrink-wrapped book.   The 
beginning of the end?  Or the first shot in a the coming revolution 
between the citizens and the IP industry?