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Re: [dvd-discuss] Re: [dvd-discuss digest Aug.] V #9

> Another point is how do you tell the difference between someone who takes 
> the "white pages" or something similar and copies it versus somebody who 
> compiles the information themselves?

Sometimes, bogus phone-numbers are randomly inserted exactly so as to catch
people copying the lists blindly. These things are, I believe, known as
"spikes" in the trade.

These are apparently often used on mailing lists bought for once-off use or
N-off use. The "spikes" point to addresses owned by the mailing-list people
and they thus receive things in the post each ime you use their mailing list.
If they get one item too many from you, they land like a ton of bricks on you!

I can well believe that the phone book for any major city contains a handfull
of spikes. No-one would ever notice.


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