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[dvd-discuss] DoS Dirty Tricks (was Movie Downloads, automatically illegal?)

tim@tneu.visi.com wrote:

>If the bill passes giving them immunity for DoS attacks, there might be
>public outcry.  I would imagine the first thing the gnutilla folks will 
>(if they're smart) will be to technilogically trick the "Movie Cops"
>into thinking that the New York Times public website is stealing their
>movies.  ;-)  Or perhaps a few of the fortune 500 corporate sites!

I like that one...given Pat Schroeder's comments about how libraries are 
the single biggest threat to the publishing industry, they are likely to 
be DoSing libraries as well.

Or the ISPs begin blocking the RIAA, MPAA, DoS packets because it's net 
junk that is degrading their system performance. 

Or the script kiddies decide to band together and do DDoS attacks against 

Or imagine this...some quick thinking Movie Cop sets up a honeypot and 
another Movie Cop gets caught and they DoS each other