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Re: [dvd-discuss] Copyright ranges

Well, I've always thought that source code would have to be registered 
in order for the executable to be protected.

Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> You know something....this source code stuff is the most dangerous thing 
> ever invented by the Human race. Forget fire, gunpowder, the hydrogen 
> bomb, or ICBMs, that stuff is a clear and present danger to life and 
> civilization as we know it. IT HAS TO BE  REGULATED AND CENSORED  ;-)
> Actually you raise an interesting point. What is the source code? Under 
> the law it gets copyright protection from when it is created yet never has 
> to be distributed or published. How can it be copyrighted if it is not 
> released? How can anyone even know what is being protected if they can't 
> see it. THe source code is more of  a trade secret in the possession of 
> microsoft than something that is copyrighted. Now the executable is 
> copyrighted since it can be objectively viewed.  SOurce code seems to be 
> the ultimate in "protectionism".