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Re: Re: [dvd-discuss] DoS attack on RIAA webstie

On Wednesday 31 July 2002 11:38 am, you wrote:
> Sorry, I have no sympathy for that kid.

Neither do I, he might rent that movie from me if he didn't download it from 
the internet. I lose a lot of rentals from downloaded or copied movies. If 
people like them they will make a VCD or buy a DVD. Either way I lose, the 
studios however don't lose much. That kid isn't likely to drive 70 miles to 
watch that movie at the theater and his parents are not going to take him to 
the movies every week nor are they going to buy every DVD that comes out. I 
stand here every day and listen to customers say that "so and so bought that 
DVD I'll just get him to make me a tape of it"... bang, one more rental down 
the drain.  Copying tapes and DVDs hurt my business.