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Re: Re: [dvd-discuss] DoS attack on RIAA webstie

>From: Tom <tom@lemuria.org>
>Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 01:09:36 +0200
>To: dvd-discuss@eon.law.harvard.edu
>Subject: Re: [dvd-discuss] DoS attack on RIAA webstie

>the script kiddies are regularily kicking each other out of IRC
>channels with 100mbit+ DDoS floods. sunday's userfriendly comic
>(ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20020728) put it quite well.

Exactly what I was thinking...

>I wouldn't be in the least surprised if the next loveletter virus had
>an actual .mp3 as an attachment, just to piss the RIAA off.

What about a "RIAA Fan" (as sick as that sounds) that sets up a P2P server with the new "boy band" MP3 that has a worm or virus that exploits a bug in the P2P software. It infects the other MP3s in the shared folder and spreads it's self through out the network. The MP3s work fine until Hillery Rosens's birthday, then zap.... all MP3s are dead along with your computer. 

(Note to FBI, I didn't do it.)

>nah, one thing we know about RIAA, MPAA, etc. for sure is that they are
>about 100 times better at PR and lobbying than they are at technology.
>I wouldn't exactly say "incompetent", but so far, everything they have
>created has been less then impressive (e.g. DVD encryption, as we all know,
>is a cryptographic joke).
>so their PR should be seen as just that. they are spreading FUD, trying
>to make people afraid of using P2P networks, trying to make them afraid
>of copying music, and while they're at it they boast a little about
>their capabilities.

 I had a kid (12 or so) come into the store the other day. He was pissed off because he tried to download a new movie from the net. After 2 days of downloading all he got was a scrolling message that it was illegal to download this movie . He knew it was illegal, but he was pissed that they wasted his time. He dosen't know who the MPAA is but he already hates them.