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RE: [dvd-discuss] DoS attack on RIAA webstie

Yes....and what are the consequences when they go after a P2P network and 
are in the wrong! As O.W.Holmes Jr. observed, if the police are allowed to 
perform criminal acts to enforce the law, all that has been accomplished 
is a new class of criminal. If private companies are allowed to perform 
acts that would be criminal if performed by individuals, then all that has 
been accomplished is the creation of a protected class of criminals. 
So...you can bet there will be some shielding put up to protect them from 
the consequences of their actions. 

Richard Hartman <hartman@onetouch.com>
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07/30/2002 12:15 PM
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If they can do this w/ merely an assertion, isn't 
due process violated?

-Richard M. Hartman

186,000 mi./sec ... not just a good idea, it's the LAW!

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> Ironic....unfortunatly those stupid morons at the RIAA don't 
> realize that 
> not just their peer -to-peer networks are disrupted by DoS 
> attacks. So too 
> are every network and router in between has to deal with the 
> extra load. 
> It's appalling that congress even listens to such vigilanteism.
> Ronald Austin <ronald@caprock-spur.com>
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> Just saw this on Slashdot:
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/07/30/1516252&mode=nested&tid=99
>  A bill was introduced in Congress to allow the RIAA (ie. coppyright 
> holders) 
> to DoS any computer containing "copyrighted" material 
> belonging to them. 
> It 
> looks like someone decided to show them how to do it.
> Sorry if this is duplicated, I had to go and read the 
> comments first . I 
> had 
> "mod points" and this was too good to pass up. ;-)
> Ronald