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Re: [dvd-discuss] DoS attack on RIAA webstie

Ironic....unfortunatly those stupid morons at the RIAA don't realize that 
not just their peer -to-peer networks are disrupted by DoS attacks. So too 
are every network and router in between has to deal with the extra load. 
It's appalling that congress even listens to such vigilanteism.

Ronald Austin <ronald@caprock-spur.com>
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07/30/2002 09:26 AM
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Just saw this on Slashdot:

 A bill was introduced in Congress to allow the RIAA (ie. coppyright 
to DoS any computer containing "copyrighted" material belonging to them. 
looks like someone decided to show them how to do it.

Sorry if this is duplicated, I had to go and read the comments first . I 
"mod points" and this was too good to pass up. ;-)