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[dvd-discuss]Joe Sixpack on Encryption-My neighbor's comments on it

Joe Sixpack says:
Duh...  what's an Encryption?  is that like somethin in egypt?  And why
are tombstone engravers (Cryptoadgraphers) writing on crypts anyhow
nowadays? and who can play a tune on a 40 key bit except someone real good
on a piano which a girl told me once had 87 keys?  i dunno y anybody wood
want 2 hid there stuff unles it had a bunch of speling heirs anyhow.  wel
got 2 sig off now, hav 2 go2 a hi livil management meting 2 establish
budgits or somthin. i fergit what. my friend gav me a bunch of boxes wit
buuks in it al abot lienext but al the new lienext wants 63 meg of video
to run xsomethin. so i cin't use it on my neu 488 confusers. 
imsuregladimin madagment insted of having 2 wirk 4 a livin.