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[dvd-discuss] .002 Signoff...

To all my friends and foils on the dvd-discuss list:

I find that I need to focus on some other things right now and will be
unsubscribing tomorrow from dvd-discuss.  It has been my pleasure to
learn from all of you.  The abuse of (and abusive) copyright laws will
continue to be an issue for me professionally (as I have written about
the risks to technology companies and especially to emerging
technologies) but I will not be able to spend as much time on the
subject as I have in the past.

I'm unsubscribing as I appear to have no self-control when it comes to
pushing the "Reply" button when I read each or your interesting,
compelling, provocative, and insightful comments.

You can mail me at jzulauf, the 'at' sign, yahoo, a period, and com 
(I'd like to see a spam bot try and parse that!)

Best Regards,

.002 -- Digital Agent

For the curious .002 is: 

(a) upside down ZOO. (a longtime nickname) and a tribute to my Jr. High
science and math teacher Leo (.037) Christopherson from whom I learned
to program on Monroe-Litton desktop calculators (c.f. "we were so poor"
by M Python) and learned to love science and math fiction -- everyone
should have a great teacher like that.

(b) A lame 007 allusion (cross bred with the #2 of 'the prisoner') with
the weak joke of being a digital (as opposed to secret) agent.  (and a
final "Touring Test" twist... am I a person or a digital agent)

(c) the name of my defunct (hibernating?) consulting company (using my
SGI O2 when it was new)

(d) and the serial number of my Marimba Lumina 

all of which is probably more than you wanted to know -- but what would
be an .002 post without excess verbosity.