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RE: [dvd-discuss] OT: MPAA??

I was having a discussion with somebody from work the other day about
the something similar. He was of the opinion that if a production house
wasn't a member of the MPAA their movies wouldn't get rated and being
listed as NR could have some bad karma.

If the ability to stamp their movie PG-13 or R instead of NR is the only
benefit received from membership, why not form an independant review board
that is willing to rate any movie sent to them and doesn't require any 
membership agreements. I'd be happy to rate movies and send them some sort
of official certificate of rating along with a listing on a web page in
exchange for the privledge of advance viewing ;)


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> Actually I was wondering what one does to become annointed for
> the film review board that assigns ratings?  
> David Kroll
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> It's protecting them from CYBERPIRACY.....
> Actually, my brother does business communications and tells 
> me that the 
> MPAA record has been pretty dismal...the ratings systems 
> stunk. THe teen-
> peer marketing of violence films was not well received by Congress. 
> Surprisingly, the rest of the video/film/communications 
> business isn't happy
> with the DVD situation either. They'd like to begin using the 
> DVD format but
> the mastering and production isn't standard. Creating one is 
> a pain, playing
> it is almost as bad. AND then there is the regional coding BS 
> to deal with. 
> (one more headache to deal with on a tight schedule). I was 
> surprised when 
> his views on JackBoots Valenti corresponded with my own - he's had to 
> deal with trying to produced DVDs for business communications. He has 
> decided to wait a year or two.
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> > I know it's not exactly on topic, but, as they are a party in the
> > 2600 case, I figure somebody here might know something. 
> > 
> > After the recent dealings with ``Goldmember,'' I'm wondering what
> > good the MPAA does for motion picture producers these days? Why
> > couldn't New Line just withdraw membership and then no longer be
> > bound by their guidelines?
> > 
> > -Charlie