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Re: [dvd-discuss] OT: MPAA??

It's protecting them from CYBERPIRACY.....

Actually, my brother does business communications and tells me that the 
MPAA record has been pretty dismal...the ratings systems stunk. THe teen-
peer marketing of violence films was not well received by Congress. 
Surprisingly, the rest of the video/film/communications business isn't happy 
with the DVD situation either. They'd like to begin using the DVD format but 
the mastering and production isn't standard. Creating one is a pain, playing 
it is almost as bad. AND then there is the regional coding BS to deal with. 
(one more headache to deal with on a tight schedule). I was surprised when 
his views on JackBoots Valenti corresponded with my own - he's had to 
deal with trying to produced DVDs for business communications. He has 
decided to wait a year or two.

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> I know it's not exactly on topic, but, as they are a party in the
> 2600 case, I figure somebody here might know something. 
> After the recent dealings with ``Goldmember,'' I'm wondering what
> good the MPAA does for motion picture producers these days? Why
> couldn't New Line just withdraw membership and then no longer be
> bound by their guidelines?
> -Charlie