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[dvd-discuss] CPCDI - Canadian cross country consultations

Hi all,

I received this email today from Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage. Apparently, they are holding public forums about their Consultation paper on digital copyright which originally proposed outlawing anti-circumvention.


As part of the ongoing consultative process to reform the Copyright Act, the departments of Industry and Canadian Heritage are planning cross-country consultations on the issues outlined in the Consultation Paper on Digital Issues published in June 2001. These full day consultation sessions will be
held in the following cities on the following dates:

*  Halifax on March 8, 2002;
*  Vancouver on March 15, 2002;
*  Montreal on March 21, 2002;
*  Toronto on March 26, 2002;
*  Ottawa on April 11, 2002.

Our intention is to present a forum for soliciting your views and concerns on the issues identified in the discussion paper and therefore your continued participation is important to the success of this round of copyright reform.

We will be sending you a formal invitation shortly which provides further details, along with relevant documentation.

We thank you very much for the time and interest which you are committing to
our initiative and we look forward to meeting with you at these

Industry Canada                                
Intellectual Property Policy Directorate
Copyright Policy Branch
Ottawa, Ontario                                         

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