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[dvd-discuss] Hearing on "Sovereign Immunity and the Protection of Intellectual Property"

  The US Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing titled
"Sovereign Immunity and the Protection of Intellectual Property" for
Feb 27 at 10:00AM.  Further details can be found at
Although it's not entirely clear what will be discussed at this
hearing, I suspect the DeCSS and Elcomsoft cases will likely
be brought up.

  In somewhat related news, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
held a hearing on Feb 12 titled "Theft of American Intellectual Property:
Fighting Crime Abroad and at Home".  It featured the usual cast
of characters including Hilary Rosen, Jack Valenti, and
Jeff Raikes (Microsoft).   Details of the hearing can be found at
http://foreign.senate.gov/hearings/hrg021202b.html  There's also
a realvideo archive from the meeting at

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