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[dvd-discuss] Copyright terms and Works for Hire

As I was pondering Ole Craigs posting  during my time on the moving 
parking lots this morning, I was struck by the fact of how much of what's 
on Network, Cable, etc is really replay TV.  How many cities have "I Love 
Lucy", "Maverick","Twilight Zone", "Perry Mason" still playing? Those 
shows are from the 50s and early 60s. With a 28 yr term, they would be in 
the public domain. EVEN with a 42 yr term most of their episodes would be 
in the public domain and could be broadcast without paying licensing fees. 
Cash strapped stations could save money by broadcasting higher quality 
public domain material rather than sellling time for infomercials. But of 
course these are works for hire and under the CTEA, the term is 120yrs. So 
what is the REASON for the long term for works for hire? <reason as 
"logic" not reason as motive i.e., greed> How was that justified as 
promoting progress for one group of creators (the collective) vs another 
group of creators (the individuals)? And how is that constitutional?

Furthermore, if Congress can differentiate between groups of creators, 
then they can differentiate between the terms of copyright for different 
groups of created material.