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[dvd-discuss] LA Times Article about Replay TV lawsuits

OK. Today I've woken up and find myself in the Twilight Zone. 

Here is an article in the LA Times about the Replay TV lawsuits:


The movie studio's lawsuit is the most unbelievable. I think their IP lawyers 
have finally lost their minds. A quote from the article to illustrate:

  "The suit filed by MGM, Fox, Universal Studios and Orion Pictures goes
   furthest, arguing that it's illegal to let consumers record and store shows
   based on the genre, actors or other words in the program description."

Things that a consumer do with a VCR, a TV Guide and a bunch of tapes is 
legal, but doing it with a computer is illegal? It alright if it's not too 
convenient? If any Court finds for the movie studios in any fashion, I think 
I'll lose what little faith I have for the US legal system.

Stephen L Johnson <sjohnson@monsters.org>