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[dvd-discuss] An interesting case from 9th Circuit Appeals court

I just found a like to this store on Slash Dot (www.slashdot.org).  Here is 
the link to the story on law.com (which might be not be permissible in the 

The gist of the decision is that creating thumbnails of images is fair use. 
But displaying the full image is a violation of copyright. The case stems from 
an Internet image search engine which displayed thumbnails and inline linking 
to the full size images.

The case seems tangential to the 2600 case.  But it's interesting.  According 
to the article, it looks like it lays the foundation that link and framing 
can't be done with permission.

It is a refreshing decision to me. At least one court "get's it". Not every 
new digital technology is a tool for "Piracy!!!" aka copyright violation.

Stephen L Johnson <sjohnson@monsters.org>