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RE: [dvd-discuss] More on the decision not to appeal the Felten case

Question: aren't there non-DMCA effects of the letter
to be addressed?  Didn't Felten get fired (or have to
quit) as a result of this flap?  Shouldn't he be compensated
for the fallout of what is now recognized as a non-offense?

-Richard M. Hartman

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> We did not drop the Felten case, of course, the decision was 
> made by the 
> clients, but we support them in it.  Obviously we believe that all 
> researchers should be protected, not just those at big institutions.
> We felt that the government's unequivocal statement that the 
> DMCA did not 
> reach "attempting to study access control technology" was 
> very broad--broad 
> enough to reach all researchers.   (See footnote 5, 
> government's motion to 
> dismiss) Of course we would have preferred an enforceable 
> court decision to 
> that effect, but it seems that both the government's 
> statement and the 
> RIAA's statements along the same lines meant that the Felten 
> case wasn't 
> going to be the best vehicle to ensure that protection, since 
> we would have 
> had to spend at least a year more fighting about even whether 
> we could have 
> a live case before we even got to the bigger questions.
> While we want to be able to pick the fact situations and 
> clients who carry 
> this flag, and not leave that to the content holders, we may 
> not have that 
> luxury.  Or perhaps once a sufficent number of these threats 
> occur with the 
> content holders backing down only after lawsuits are filed, 
> the courts will 
> see that this is a broader issue that they should address.
> Either way, it's not like we're going away.  We filed an 
> amicus brief about 
> 1201 in the Elcomsoft case on Monday and have been working 
> with several 
> other folks who face DMCA uncertainties.  And of course we 
> will be closely 
> watching the situation and if the government or content 
> holders try to 
> interfere with legitimate research again, we'll be there.
> Cindy
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