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RE: [dvd-discuss] EFF: Security Researchers Drop Scientific Censo rshipCase

It would be really nice to know the "inside track" on why this is being

I understand there may be good reasons for not pursuing this particular
battle at this particular time - but my assumption here is that there is a
larger plan at work at the EFF.   (and obviously, they have to worry about
financial solvency as well)

What concerns me is that "next time", we are probably not likely to have
such a "model citizen" as the party involved, and for some reason long
haired geeks with pigtails almost receive an automatic presumption of guilt
whenever DRM technologies are found to be broken.

I can see how this is a good thing for scientists and researchers, but I
don't see how this is going to help fighting digital DRMs where much of the
legwork takes place with ordinary people.

One of the whole points is that it shouldn't matter who you are, something
is illegal or not.  I'm worried that this really solidifies the DMCA
exceptions for research in a bad way.

It enforces the definition as:

research = what world renowned scientists do at major universities.

when it should be:

research = something someone (anyone!) does to figure something out or
learn a thing or two.

Does anyone from the EFF want to give us a few hints on the larger strategy
involved here?

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