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Re: [dvd-discuss] DCMA Criticism in SIAM News

Actually I'd feel far safer if many or most of the passengers carried a
small pocket knife (especially some of the ex-SEALS I've known).  Why
should the bad guys be the only ones to have weapons?  All a criminal
ban on < 4" blade knives does is allow for charges to be brought
posthumously.  If you want that... a scienter would be enough.

If the country's new motto (to quote the state of the union) is "Let's
Roll" (from the PA onboard counter-attack) why should we just get to
have our bare hands, when the the bad guys CLEARLY have some weapon.

(it's far easier than the gov't wants you to believe.  Imagine a picture
frame with two "modern design looking brackets above and below (sticking
out like handle).  Add a diamond the edge of the bathroom sink.... two
instant knives. Same thing with plastic "shanks" -- finally for the
truly SICK is the inside of a baby stroller tube...  a great place to
hide a shank.)

When it comes to defending my 1A rights... why do the copyright holder
get all the weapons.  The "bad guys" have every thing and anything legal
or not (duh!) so we're left unarmed at the mercy of what's good for
Universal's bottom line (or what they think is...).  We're fighting to
protect our rights to speech.


microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> In the Jan/Feb 2002 (Vol 35#1) of SIAM News there is an article on
> page 1 written by Sara Robinson titled "Awaiting DMCA
> Clarification, Researchers Proceed Cautiously." It begins, "Earlier
> this year, David Wagner...." The latest issue isn't online yet.
>  I loved the quotation from Litvack (MPAA, VP , etc.) "Carrying a
> pocket knife on a plane in and of itself doesn't damage
> anything,...but we arrest people who do it because the potential for
> harm is so bad, we want to stop the action before the harm
> occurs..." and comparing Litvack's method to prosecuting knife
> manufacturers....I love the way that the MPAA toadies turn the fear
> and hysteria of a bunch of illinformed people into something
> advancing the DMCA.
> So...David and Sara when/if you get this - Great Work!