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Re: [dvd-discuss] Pro DMCA Argument Information ?

One good place to look is the RIAA website....not that they are not biased 
but at least you can see what swill they are pushing. 

ALso check out the NET Act - "The NET Act also extends the criminal 
statute of limitations for copyright infringement from 3 to 5 years." <I 
really don't see why that is necessary.>

If you find other references to what the proponents say, post them here or 
at TWIKI at openlaw. OTher than the statement that we gotta have the DMCA 
to protect against PIRACY <whatever that gets defined>, there is little 
else that it actually does. While ZFMW <Zulauf's Five Magic Words "for the 
purposes of infringement"> narrows the scope of the DMCA to something more 
reasonable, as you point out the law against copyright infringment already 
exists and the DMCA only adds an extra charge to throw at someone ("The 
Defendant is found guilty of first degree murder. The defendant is found 
guilty of the second charge of using a rusty knife")....of course if 
somebody does a bit for bit copy they don't run afoul of the DMCA either.

"Dean Sanchez" <DSanchez@fcci-group.com>
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        Subject:        [dvd-discuss] Pro DMCA Argument Information ?

I trying to put together a position paper to help order my thoughts so 
that when I'm talking with friends and colleagues about the DMCA I can 
present coherent reasons.   In order to better develop a clear and concise 
refutation of the DMCA and the reasons for its existence, I was looking 
for information on the reasons proponents of the DMCA state it is 
necessary.  However, a Google search returns an enormous number of hits 
with most either being an explanation of the Act or opposition to it. 
Aside from a generic "We need it to stop piracy", I have been unable to 
find even a single site, journal or magazine article enumerating the 
reasons it is necessary when one considers the fact that we already have 
laws regarding copyright.

Does anyone know of a source or sources that I can reference?