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Re: [dvd-discuss] New Video on demand DVD (ie. pay per view)

I can only hope that they send one to me without me saying anything: I'll 
find out if a license agreeement trumps Idaho Code 28-2-239.  I think that 
"unconditional gift" ruins licensure...  Here's a bit of homework: look up 
if your state has a similar law...  Californians look to section 1584.5 of 
your Civil Code...  I have a licenseless CueCat because of that law.  It 
was sent to all Wired customers without their knowledge, so the intended 
recipient gave it to me just as unconditionally: being a Linux user, I 
never broke the seal on the program, but I doubt it would have stood up in 
court anyhow, unconditional means unconditional :)

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002 microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:

>Also sounds like a repeat of cuecat. Read this
>"Also in the works is ViMagazine, a monthly DVD ....will have both
>video-on-demand features and security functions that will allow consumers
>who watch the disc on a ViDVD.
>Movies on the disc will be locked until viewers opt to rent the movie for
>three days or $3.49 or buy it outright for $14.99. Consumers will be
>charged for the film when they use the player's Internet connectivity to log
>back on the Vialta's server."
>Sounds as if the disk comes in the mail whether you want it or not. 
>Of course they can argue that by buying the service you are 
>submitting to a license. So If I throw the disk away or lose it, or 
>even if it gets received at the wrong address, whomever gets it 
>afterwards isn't bound by the license.
>Of course what makes all this work is "ViMedia, Vialta's 
>patent pending technology, a single 
>ViMagazine disc can contain up to 14 hours of video,
> music and more."
>Chances are it's nothing but compressed files on an encrypted 
>DVD with them sending you the key over the internet...WOW that's 
>truly novel.
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>> You need to check out http://www.vialta.com/News/Article_&_Reviews.htm and 
>> read the plans to serve VOD on DVD. It sounds like a variation on DiviX 
>> (circuit city one). I wonder how far this one will fly?
>> Ronald  

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