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[dvd-discuss]YAATEA-Yet Another Anti-Term Extension Argument

As Lessig pointed out there were over 20,000 things copyrighted in 
1924 yet only about 200 are still in print today. 200/20000=1%
which is worse than Sturgeon's law. Copyright extension benefits 
LESS than 1% of the creators but presents a potential 
administrative burden on the government and society of 99 times 
as much. Clearly the costs out weigh the benefits.
Furthermore, if that 1% has withstood the test of time, then since 
no benefits can come to the creators  (who in all likelihood are 
dead), then the government has a compelling interest to let those 
works enter the public domain to promote progress. 

Of course, we all know why they want to keep their 1%. In true 
Hollywierd Accounting "Winners pay for losers". THe longer terms 
merely mean that they can create more losers. That hardly 
promotes progress either but then if Hollywierd can't have it 
summarized on a sheet of paper, they don't understand it.