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RE: [dvd-discuss] Good AiboPet Hacker - DMCA story in Sci Am

Estoppel: A rule of evidence whereby a person is barred from denying the 
truth of a fact that has already been settled -Also denying ones previous 
actions or words. 

Essentually, your previous actions or statements or settlements cannot be 
repudiated. The best example is where there is a minor breach of contract 
and because it is minor, the other party continues with the contract. At 
the conclusion, the party that suffered the breach cannot sue the other 
for a breach of contract because they were aware of the breach and 
accepted it. They are estopped from sueing for a breach of contract. 

Try a search on estoppel and interetingly enough the same paragraph pops 

Nothing contained in this Legal Notice shall be construed as conferring by 
implication, estoppel, or any
 other legal theory, a license or right to any patent, trademark, 
copyright, or other intellectual property right,
 except those expressly provided herein. The products, processes, 
software, and other technology
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> "The DMCA remains the law of the land and what AiboPet does 
> breaks it. 
> Sony
>  retains its right to crack down on AiboPet and others like him, but 
> chooses not
>  to exercise it, for now."
> OK.....how does the doctrine of estoppel apply here?

You take the estoppel out of the bottle and take a few
big swigs?

Perhaps you could give a brief description, for the 
non-lawspeak-enabled what "the doctrine of estoppel"

-Richard M. Hartman

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