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[dvd-discuss] [openlaw] Public Domain

BTW Here's an interesting question. 
Late last year I purchased the a book with color reproductions 
of the Illuminated Manuscripts of William Blake. 
Blake died early in the 19th century so even under the most generous
 terms of the SB CTEA the works are in the public domain unquestionably. 
What of the pages in the book? Mere copy of a work in the 
public domain does not confer originality upon it. 
Neither does publishing it. Neither does the rarity of the 
original work  impart copyright protection.
 (there are only 12 copies of one of his books. 
Let's face it. He wasn't a bestseller in his day.). Even Blake's 
illustrations and illuminations are in the public domain. WHAT does 
the copyright notice in the front of the book protect since it does 
not limit itself to the introductions?