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Re: [dvd-discuss] dmca international?

'Twas brillig when Tom Lemuria scrobe:
> one way or the other, this conclusion seems to be derived from
> international law. it uses pretty much the same argument that the 
> movie mafia lawyers have been throwing around, namely that if it can 
> be downloaded in the US, then US law applies. this line of argument 
> is so outright stupid that I don't even know how to attack it, but if 
> she is right then it's the current reading among lawyers when it 
> comes to international copyright issues.

Ah.  This is beginning to make some sense.  If it is the position of German
Law is that if you can access it in Germany and it's illegal there, you must
take it down (i.e. Nazi Propaganda) then it must follow that Germany must have
some policy about the law of the place of access controlling what it is legal
to be served from Germany.
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