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Re: [dvd-discuss] Posner's views on copyright

At 15.36 -0500 02-01-14, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
>Veering far off-topic here, there was a very funny review of Posner's
>"Public Intellectuals" in Sunday's New York Times Book Review.
>At least copyright terms have a plausible connection to economic theory,
>though I have a nagging suspicion that Posner will undervalue the public
>domain and view most of fair use as "inefficient."   Can we even quantify
>the benefit the public gets from a rich public domain and generous rights
>to make transformative use of copyrighted works?

Actually, even if there was no fair use provisions in copyrigt law, the
transaction costs for monitoring everything within the fair use scope
widely exceeds the benefits of such policy. Hence, thinking like an
economist, copyright without fair use is ineffecient.


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