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Re: [dvd-discuss] Posner's views on copyright

He's got some sort of wierd database on his website of the number of 
citations, media mentions etc of all sorts of people...I'd hate to be one 
of his grad students!

Wendy Seltzer <wendy@seltzer.com>
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01/14/02 12:36 PM
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Veering far off-topic here, there was a very funny review of Posner's 
"Public Intellectuals" in Sunday's New York Times Book Review.

At least copyright terms have a plausible connection to economic theory, 
though I have a nagging suspicion that Posner will undervalue the public 
domain and view most of fair use as "inefficient."   Can we even quantify 
the benefit the public gets from a rich public domain and generous rights 
to make transformative use of copyrighted works?

At 02:27 PM 1/14/02 -0500, jerwin@gmu.edu wrote:
>I was reading slate, and came across this week's "Diary" column,
>written by none other than Richard Posner.
>" And working on two articles that I
>                 am writing with an economist, one on presidential
>                 pardons (yes, there is a demand for and a supply of
>                 such things that economics can illuminate) and
>                 another on copyright law, focusing on an issue of
>                 considerable theoretical interest: Should copyrights
>                 be perpetual, rather than limited to the lifetime of the
>                 author plus 70 years?

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