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Re: [dvd-discuss] [openlaw] Governmenttakesmoreextremelineinsecond"Eldred" case

Here's a translation thru Copernic's thru alis.com site--

CD inventor Philips criticizes copy protection 

10/01/2002   13:18:01 
Now in the discussion about the copy protection for music CDs the inventor of
the silver discs has taken the floor with Philips. The enterprise sees no
future for the protection and sees in it a break of the audio-format. 

In  an interview with the " Financial Times Germany " said Philips speaker
Klaus Petri: " These are silver discs with music on it, the CDs resemble, but
nobody is. " Petri finished speaking with it openly about which tecCHANNEL
already reported two years ago: copy-protected music CDs break the  format CD
there and might not carry with it the Logo actually any more. This also
covers  itself with the legal view of Medienrechtlern. 

As an owner of most patents for CD Philips to the report wants to go forward
there according to, however, not against the protection procedures.
Certainly, the complaints of consumers piled up which could not play the CDs
also in HiFi devices. Because, however, 2002 and 2003 the Philips patents run
out after 20 years, a law case is not any more lohnenswert, meant Klaus

He hopes for the fact that the consumers would boycott the protected discs.
This has led in Great Britain already to the fact that the copy protection is
" no more subject " any more, meant the Philips speaker farther. 

Completely only Philips could not knock(insist) anyway on the observance of
the standards. Nevertheless, Sony holds an important interest of the patents
for CD there. However, to this group belong with Sony Music one of the
biggest record companies and with Sony DADC one of the biggest CD Presswerke
in Europe - and there discs with the protection key2audio are produced

As a pure hardware manufacturer goes Philips another way. Klaus Petri
gave(indicated) in the talk with tecChannel.de that one wants to recognize
new copy protection procedures by software update for the HiFi CD recorders
of the enterprise in future. Then the devices should also be able to
create(provide) digital copies of the protected CDs.  However, besides, for
example, with key2audio like in the above picture set Copy bit after SCMS
Philips wants to respect furthermore. However, with such discs an analogous
copy is also possible with Philipses Duplizierern. 

This  report informs about the first failed introduction of a copy
protection. You find the current state of the protection procedures in  this
contribution(article). And to which standards a CD would have to keep there
actually,  is to be inferred from this basis article. (Never) 
Here's a linked FT piece--

CD inventor Philips sees no future for copy protection

The copy protection introduced by the music industry on CDs has no chance
according to estimation of CD inventor's Philips durably. Complaints about
problems while passing the ball would pile up. Besides, the copy protection
meets the wrong. 

As a governor(administrator) of world-wide CD patents Philips can sue
actually the manufacturers of copy protection CDs because these CDs would not
correspond to the standards, said Philips speaker Klaus Petri on Wednesday. "
These are silver discs with music on it, the CDs resemble, but nobody is. "
Philips, nevertheless, holds a complaint for unnecessary. " The consumer will
take charge of the thing himself, so that the market faster can regulate than
the courts(dishes) ", says Petri. 

However, a judicial action is also not worthwhile because opinions are not to
be expected before the expiration of the patents in this and next year, said
Petri. The Dutch group Philips has developed the first CDs about 20 years ago
together with Sony and now is a patent governor with world-wide licence
rights. After estimates of the music branch are in Germany already millions
copy-protected audio-CDs at the market with which the music industry wants to
prevent the private burning of CDs. The branch holds responsible the CD
burning for sales losses of more than ten per cent last year. 

Reproduction protection causes problems 

But to consumer protectors, media reports and also Philips according to the
complaints about problems with the protected discs pile up. " One does not
have any more the safety with these CDs that they can be played on all
devices ", said Philips speaker Petri. Actually the copy protection is namely
a reproduction protection: the CDs changed in their(her) structure should not
by the will of the music industry any more on computer disk drives are
playable by which from them(her) on CD brutes can be copied. " Nevertheless
because many classic devices of the home entertainment products have similar
disk drives like a PC, there are problems first of all by portable devices,
with auto-CD Playern, with DVD-Abspielgeräten - but also with classic CD
players. " 

Up to now, however, according to the branch association of the music industry
there were hardly complaints that copy-protected CDs did not function on
conventional CD Playern. The fact that they do not run on PCs, the federal
association the Phonographischen puts industry on the contrary. The
association estimates, last year more CDs could have been sold in private
burned than in the trade. 

Complaints in Great Britain 

However, with from the music industry against the CD burning used(set
up,assigned) copy protection the " wrong consumers " are met in the opinion
of by Philips. Computaholics and kopierwütige Kids would know for a long time
with which programs they can avoid the copy protection, said Petri. Then the
so burnt CDs are also playable again on all devices. " This leads to the
completely absurd situation that actually must be copied only, so that the
music is playable everywhere. " Absurdly is also that the " normal consumer "
is met which does not want to copy at all. Who should be hindered, however,
actually in copying, the copy protection does not interest that already at

After it came in Great Britain to massive complaints, the CD copy protection
is there already no more subject, passed on Petri. " The traders have simply
refused sometime to sell such CDs. " The average CD buyer complains more,
than to take care of software in order to avoid the copy protection. " We
hope that the German consumers are as of age. "

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