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Re: [dvd-discuss] Ramblings on DVDCCA appeal from M.Rolenz

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, mickey wrote:

> <DA>
> Digital formats are superior to analog formats. If we can't safely
> release our works in digital format, then the lawmakers have failed to
> promote progress.
> </DA>

Progress will be served without these controls, for if they do
not release media in a digital format, someone else will do it for them.

See Napster, Gnutella, Morpheus, ...

Who was it that made this realization:

    An executive was told that one subsidiary of his company wanted to
    release a product that would make a different subsidiary completely
    obsolete and cost a lot of money. What does he do? He must release the

    Which would you rather have, you making some of your own products
    obsolete, or a competetior making your products obsolete?


> The lawmakers are forced, in a sense, to make it 'safe' for digital
> formats to be released. They look to the availability of digital works

The Napster case *signifigantly* reduced the online availability and
convenience of MP3 music. So, even by the supposed 'online availability'
metric, the digital-control faction loses; they've done the most they
could to retard the online availability.

The new Napster will have a fraction of the popularity of the old.

> on the internet, for example, as evidence of progress. The content
> industry is obviously reluctant to release in open digital formats,
> so, in their minds, the mandate to promote progress hasn't been met.