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[dvd-discuss] (Slightly? OT) Moxi combo CD-MP3-PVR-DVD player

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I read this article about the forthcoming Moxi.  It is claimed that it will
be able to
play and pause TV, play CD’s, rip MP3s, etc. etc., but interestingly not
stream a
DVD to a different set:

“…The wireless network will make it possible to connect the Media Center
set-top box to remote televisions with the purchase of a $36 Media Center
Extension. The remote television will share all of the capabilities of the
base station, like recording programs, watching live shows and listening to
CD's. Although it is technically possible to play DVD's remotely, because of
intellectual property restrictions that function is not included in the

Maybe this is OT, but it does fit in with the theme of “unable to use your
own property”.

David Kroll