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[dvd-discuss] New Zealand banning parallel imports.


New Zealand plan to ban Parallel Imports for 9 months
Posted on 2001-12-20 17:12:57 by Jenz

rfdunedin writes "The New Zealand Government is proposing a ban on
parallel imports of films, videos and DVDs for nine months after a title's
first international release.

Commerce Minister, Paul Swain and Associate Arts Minister, Judith Tizard
said today that legislation to implement the ban, and also place the onus
of proof on those accused of pirating goods, would be introduced in the
first half of 2002.

The proposed ban follows a review undertaken by Government. It will mean
retailers would not be able to legally import copies of the goods covered
without permission from the local copyright holder or authorised

Individuals bringing goods into the country would not be covered by the

The ministers said that the review had thrown up problems over the
importation of pirated goods and taking prosecutions against people
importing them.

"Changes to the onus of proof will include a presumption that suspected
imported goods are pirated, unless the defendant proves otherwise."

"We realise that there will be human rights issues that need to be
carefully considered. However, we are recognising the rights of
intellectual property owners to protect their income from cheaper
counterfeit and pirated goods."

The Government move follows a NZ High Court decision in early November
banning the rental of parallel imported DVD's."


Ouch.  Not good.  No presumption of innocence for importers?