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Re: [dvd-discuss] Slashdot interview with Lessig

At 02:48 AM 12/22/2001 +0100, Mikael Pawlo wrote:
>Slashdot has just published the answers to readers' questions to professor
>Lessig states, among other things:
>"The DMCA as a whole won't be struck down - ever. But I continue to believe
>that at least the parts that disable the use and deployment of technologies
>to protect traditional fair use will eventually fall. At least they will
>fall if litigation about them could continue. But notice again: the only
>group out there supporting this litigation (Felten and 2600) is EFF, and
>EFF's resources are, surprise surprise, limited."

And Larry knows of what he speaks.

Not a DMCA case, but 2600 just got its first court victory, defeating 
Ford's attempt to preliminarily enjoin it from using the 
fuckgeneralmotors.com domain.  (Yes, it was Ford which sued, read the case: 
http://www.mied.uscourts.gov/_opinions/Clelandpdf/RHC01-71685.PDF )

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