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WAY OT: Latent academic tendencies... was Re: [dvd-discuss]Life vs. profits -- the court thinks profitsare more important

Wendy Seltzer wrote:

> Great hypothetical.  (no chance you were a law prof in a prior life?)

Nope.  Growing up as the child of a Professor probably has corrupted
mean to have "academic tendencies" (but I'm not coming out of the
closet) Honestly this is the kind of question that's liable to pop up at
family gatherings...

One Christmas we had as a guest a friend of my brother that had lived
for a year with one of the "Sandanista" families (descendants of
Sandinas followers) prior to their "liquidation" by the FMLN -- now THAT
was an interesting dinner.  The christmas dinner I wished I'd been to
was when my folks (courtesy of Boeing) hosted the Sr. Mgmnt team from
Aeroflot a couple of years back