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Re: [dvd-discuss] And now back to Pavlovich

Good news. Hopefully we read the "hint" correctly, but if the CA Supremes don't
reverse, I suppose this one might even go up the chain.

These DVD cases are an amazing set of cases, really. This battle is being
fought on multiple fronts, with multiple jurisdictions, with many, many new and
interesting legal issues. Following the ups and downs here is an emotional
roller coaster.

Ya gotta just love that the MPAA is paying through the nose for it all. 

--- "James S. Tyre" <jstyre@jstyre.com> wrote:
> The news just keeps on coming ....
> http://www.newsbytes.com/news/01/172967.html
> California Supreme Court Will Hear DVD-Copying Appeal
>    By Michael Bartlett, Newsbytes
>    13 Dec 2001, 7:05 PM CST
>    The California Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal from an 
> out-of-state
>    defendant in a DVD-copying software publication case.
>    On August 7, the Court of Appeal in the
>    Sixth Appellate District of California said a
>    lower-court judge was correct in finding
>    the state has jurisdiction over Matthew
>    Pavlovich, and ordered him to stand trial in
>    California.
>    Pavlovich, an open-source developer who
>    played a role in the creation of DVD-playing
>    software for Linux known as LiViD, is one of
>    a number of defendants targeted in a
>    lawsuit filed by the DVD Copy Control
>    Association (DVD CCA). Pavlovich, who was
>    a student at Purdue University in Indiana at
>    the time of the filing of the complaint and
>    now resides in Texas, claimed to have no
>    contacts in California and argued that the
>    state has no jurisdiction over him.
>    ....
> This relates to Matt's Petition for Review in the CA Supreme Court on the 
> personal jurisdiction matter, it has nothing to do with DVDCCA'a more 
> recent Petition to the same court on the reversal of the preliminary 
> injunction.
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