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Re: [dvd-discuss] Farmers not allowed to grow their own seed corn now

I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that in the last quarter of the 
20th century, the government has managed to destroy the copyright and 
patent systems that have worked so well for so long by attempting to 
extend them to provide protection for anybody that wants it. This darling 
phrase "intellectual property" is probably the most insidious one ever 
created and seems to becoming on the level with Nationalist Socialism. 
It's a real shame.

"Dean Sanchez" <DSanchez@fcci-group.com>
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12/13/01 06:07 AM
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        Subject:        [dvd-discuss] Farmers not allowed to grow their own seed corn now

Here's another win for Intellectual Property as Real Property.  It's
nice to know that the Supreme Court has more respect for IP than RP to
such an extent that farmers aren't even allowed to grow their own seed
corn any longer.

Farmers and animal breeders have been engaged in "genetic engineering"
for centuries using selective breeding programs.  It has been very
effective - look at the variety of dog breeds alone.  If one pays to
have an animal breed with another, he is not limited to never breeding
the offspring without paying the original person.  In the past, if a
farmer bought seeds genetically enhanced through selected breeding, they
could not be prevented from saving some for seed.  Yet that is what the
SC is saying farmers must not do now because the technique used to
develop the seed stock is different.

Following the Supreme's ruling to its ultimate consequence, once all the
genes are patented (and they are allowing all genes to be patented, not
just the designer genes), one will not be allowed to have children
without getting permission from the relevant patent holding companies. 

I'm not sure that this court will be a friend to any of the issues that
have been raised in this discussion group.  It appears that what is good
for big business is good for the citizens.  We no longer need a
Constitution, we just need good Mission Statements in the corporations.


Dean Sanchez