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Re: [dvd-discuss] Interesting Spam v Free Speech Case

Oh but also think of all the wear and tear on your telephone picking
it up. Think how the lifetime of the microphone is reduced each time
you yell into it and slam the receiver down. Or consider the
structural damage done to your mailbox when it's got all that extra
junk mail in it. You could spend a couple of thousand getting some
labs to quantify all that.There's some REAL damages here not just 
woosy trespass to chattel.

> >This may be of interest to the crowd here because it is another
> >free speech on the internet case: Intel v. Hamidi
> >
> >http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/opinions/documents/C033076.PDF
> >
> Cool, now we can all enjoin telephone solicitors from calling
> our homes.  I think a class action could even recover
> huge damages under this trespass theory. I pay for my telephone,
> telemarketers deprive me of it's value. Anyone paying for caller ID
> can even show costs incurred in order to combat the trespass.
> Hey, I also own my mailbox, and all that unsolicited mail is
> also depriving me of its full value - not to mention the huge
> costs to dispose of the resulting waste. Trespass-o-rama!
> Where do I sign up for THAT class action suit?
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