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[dvd-discuss] Yahoo distributes decss

From  the Reuters article about the New York case on Yahoo:

"Federal Court Rules for Studios in DVD Case"

Along the edge of the article, is a link to:
"*How to make your car invisible to radar and laser* "

as well as:

*"Why pay for cellular phone service if you need it only for emergencies?*"

That was enough for a laugh, but I liked the "web sites" link in this 

"The software, called DeCSS ( news 
- web sites 
for Decoding Content Scramble System, can be used to decode the 
technology safeguards embedded in DVDs to prevent piracy."


Then, next to "related searches", Yahoo has a link labled "DECSS DOWNLOAD":

Which then returns a page of several choices of decss archives, such 
that the decss download is two more clicks away.

Doesn't that look like they are actively distributing decss? I count 
four clicks until a download starts, and Yahoo has ads on three of them.