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Re: [dvd-discuss] The power of a click

As everybody knows, it's because you read everything in the EULA 
whereas clicking on an icon that doesn't tell you what it is all about 
is clearly a deliberate act..maybe somebody should put a EULA 
disclaimer on DeCSS....I promise that I will only use it on DVDs 
that I own....

I think the only mindless thing about it is the rationalizations of the 

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> How does one measure the effort required to click a mouse? In the
> past, it was a neat thing when machines could do work "at the push of
> a button." Today, the click is seen as an effortless way to initiate a
> series of instructrions in a list. But the thing I am having trouble
> figuring out is this:
> How can a click be an effortless and mindless action, as in starting a
> circumvention program, while also being used to verify that one has
> applied careful consideration to a(n) EULA?
> mickeym