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Re: [dvd-discuss] Welcome to the world of 'Fahrenheit 451'

In article <B6FFAE3C42188540B452E08FEEF7A28442E0B0@POSTAL.fcci-group.com> you write:
>A friend forwarded this to me;  it had been forwarded a number of times
>so I don't know who to attribute the comment to, but it seems on target.
>While the whole subject is disturbing, what really alarms me is the
>self-censorship that appears to be happening - the sheep are starting to
>shear themselves.  We're trying to defend the right to free speech and
>the very groups that should be the most vocal against censorship are
>actively participating in the it.  You would also think the various news
>media would be shouting and screaming, but aside from this article, I
>haven't heard or read anything else regarding this new government
>The government is ordering libraries to destroy information, even going
>so far as to designate certain libraries as depositories for such
>information. Perhaps we'll call the book-burners "firemen"?
>The new secret police state will make us safer.

I guess it could be worse.


Friday November 23, 2001.  10:30 AM EST

US Changes Name After Over 200 Years

President George Bush II and Attorney General Ashcroft announced today
at a press conference that they would be changing the name of the
country from the United States of America to the United Police States
of America.  "It took us a long time to get here", said Ashcroft,  "but
now that we have taken away everyone's rights, we might as well change
the name of the country to match."  Bush added "we will never again let
evil doers -- or anyone else -- interfere with the way we want this
country to be."

In related news, an amendment to the UPSA constitution was ratified in
record time today.  Among the many changes included with this
amendment are the replacing of the Supreme Court by a military
tribunal, the elimination of the first 10 amendment, striking the
"limited time" phrase from the copyright/patent section, and
substituting the word president with emperor.  "It might be a big
change for some former voters to get use to", remarked the Emperor,
"but if it safeguards us from terrorists, it'll be well worth it".