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Re: [dvd-discuss] Cross post of my own work on a DRM committe...

	Hail the Zoo, a lone voice of reason and pragmatism in the
world of silicon (sillycon?) engineering management!

	A few nitpicks: 
1. s/Skylarov/Sklyarov/g 
2. s/evenevitable/inevitable/g
	and 3 (the reason I'm actually sending this, since IMO
nitpicks are not usually worth the electrons they're carried by -- but
in this case the typo directly inverts the meaning of what you were
trying to say):

On 11/20/01 at 11:13, 'twas brillig and John Zulauf scrobe:
> Finally, we are starting to see the market reject these "end-to-end"
> schemes, with the websites and mass returns of the Cactus Shield CD's in
> Europe (and replacements with clean copies) (see
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/22917.html ) -- best we
> mercifully kill the "we can control what is in the hands of the user
> (post-first-sale)" myth, and let the industry get on with the business
> of finding business models that can be achieved with resorting to


> unobtainium and "p-doped bolonium" semiconductors (from a April 1, story
> on write-only memory).

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