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RE: [dvd-discuss] MovieMask - I'm sure the lawsuit is on itsway

Actually, I don't have a problem if an individual wants to 'hide' from a
harsh reality in their entertainment.  It's only when they want to
foster their worldview as 'Truth' that I have an objection.  And it's
not even that I want to deny them the right to their expression, just
that it not be forced on others or taught in the schools as fact.

The Disneyisation of fairy tales is a perfect example.  I'm not
interested in exposing my young children to the original 'darker' tales
until they're mature enough to understand the elements underlying the
stories.  The original focus for a lot of fairy tales were adults; they
were cautionary tales told by bards or troubadours.  They may have
reflected political realities or the superstitious beliefs of the times.
One of my daughters favorite movies is the 'Little Mermaid'.  It's a far
cry from the original story.  However, I have a copy of the original
tale and plan on reading it to her when she gets older.  But for now,
the a happy ending with a simple triumph of good over evil works.

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One of the dangers of devices of this sort is the ability of people to 
"gentilize" their lives so that they don't ever see anything that they 
don't ever want to see again. You don't want to see the bad villan, edit

him out..Of course the hero's triumph doesn't seem as large or as 

WRT to the "Old Man", my Dad only started using profanity infront of
children when they were past 16. Ditto for adult humor-which I found
more entertaining than the adolescent humor at school.