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Re: [dvd-discuss] MovieMask - I'm sure the lawsuit is on its way

> Should be able to search through the DVD-discuss archive....if they 
> did...GOOD! More grist for the mill

What you're looking for was a thread called "Possible suggestion for LiViD team"
to which I and many others made contributions around early/mid April this year.

Me certainly discussed addon subtitle streams and addon MST3K-style parody
presentations, and commentary audio in the style of Director's Commentaries.
Ron Gustavson pretty much had the last word when he poined out that a W3C
standard called SMIL was a good idea for a standard markup language for
transporting such addons.

We also definately talked of alternative edit lists (though that might have
been under a different topic). Blade Runner was mentioned as everyone's
favourite candidate for re-editing!

The thing that (at the time) seemed to stop LiViD (or OMS) just going ahead
and implementing it all was that the format of the IFO files was not yet fully
reverse-engineered. John Zulauf wasn't sure if that was really a problem,
but the thread died off at that point with no-one saying for sure whether
it could be done at that time. Anyway, the LiViD and OMS peole were busy with
other concerns.


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