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Re: [dvd-discuss] MovieMask - I'm sure the lawsuit is on its way

If they don't allow circumvention they get are not allowing parents to 
edit out objectionable content for their children in the least restrictive 
manner...in fact...I've never believed in the V(?)  chip approach that 
required censorship stuff be installed in TVs etc but this one almost 
"appeals" to me because it does allow the parents to make somewhat more of 
an informed choice rather than "This content has been dubbed "BAD" by 
people you don't know or know why they dubbed it "bad" but trust us it's 
bad".....Yep...you gotta love how SleazeTown may get hoisted by their own 
petard on this ....

As for profanity hurting little Johnnies ears...he's probably heard it 
from his "old man" already

Bryan Taylor <bryan_w_taylor@yahoo.com>
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11/14/01 01:21 PM
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This is a fantastic example of the kind of fair use that requires 
tools. Who can argue that you should not be allowed to strip the profanity 
an R rated movie so that little Johnie can watch it.

--- Ernest Miller <ernest.miller@yale.edu> wrote:
> www.moviemask.com
> Here is software that allows people to create metadata additions to 
> You download a config file, and the movie plays from that, not the file 
> the DVD. You can effectively create your own version of a movie on DVD,
> editing out the naughty bits - make your own PG-13 movie from an R-Rated
> DVD.  Of course, there are more interesting uses - I wonder how long 
> there is a phantom edit of the Star Wars Episode I DVD out.
> Unfortunately, this violates all sorts of DVDCCA licenses.  Their 
> FAQ says that the movie studios are aware of what moviemask is doing - 
> seems to imply that they don't have official approval.
> Slashdot article
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=01/11/14/1325246

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