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Re: [dvd-discuss] DVD Wizard

At 02:28 PM 11/10/2001 -0500, someone wrote:

>This product copies DVD's.
>Of course it is a circumvention mechanism, right?

One doesn't need to circumvent CSS to make a copy of a DVD that will 
play via a CSS-capable DVD player - which is *almost* all of them.

Maybe interestingly, the actual content of the site (other then the 
frames info) is not at the IP address posted here, but on this 
ValueWeb-hosted server:

Look-ups on that address suggest it was once related to Carson 
Marketing Group's (Weston, Fla.) Phatrims.com domain, but that domain 
is currently parked at a different (GoDaddy) server and there may be 
no relation between DVD Wizard and Carson.


Steve Bonisteel