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Re: [dvd-discuss] Would this consistute circumvention.

Look at this related link. Another case of legal self help? The notion 
that intellectual property deserved "John Wayne" frontier justice is so 
bizarre ...


                Sony's Cactus tests, carried out, claims New
                Scientist, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
                were not set to nuke hi-fi equipment, but they
                easily could have been it seems. 

                It will make an interesting test case when a
                punter sues Sony for blowing up their
                loudspeakers after playing an allegedly pirate
                CD, particularly if the music industry and
                consumer electronics companies haven't issued
                warnings that pirate CDs can seriously damage
                your equipment. 


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Apparently I was right about the "built-in player to hide CD data
protection" -- ugh!

BTW I haven't seen any argument about the Catus Data style data
corruption^Wprotection vs. the DMCA.  I doesn't  require and information
or treatement with the authority of the copyright holder, only error
correction processing soooo, how can that be a 1201 effective TPM?