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RE: [dvd-discuss] Must Copyright terms be uniform?

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Ballowe, Charles wrote:

>Agreed -- but if a company (Disney?) still wishes to hold rights to
>something, wouldn't letting them do so and requiring a fee based on
>sales be potentially useful, particularly if that fee went directly

But then we get back to the real problem: AA Milne's daughter-in-law (Mrs. 
Christopher Robin--CR's dead) is recieving nothing from the 
soon-to-be-rereleased Winnie the Pooh.  AA Milne signed away all rights 
many years ago, so what possible promotion of progress is being served 
when the author's family recieves nothing from a multi-million-dollar 
franchise?  Any sliding scale of copyright renewal MUST take into account  
that holders of copyrights are not necessarily authors, so a renewal of a 
copyright should not happen at all if the author is not recieving any 
portion of royalties.

>into a program promoting arts and and science in schools? I'd prefer 
>copyright to be short, but if that's not going to happen, the people
>should receive something to help promote the arts.
>-Charles Ballowe
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>> Which of course invalidates the whole point of "promoting progress" --
>> if only the unvaluable works enter the public domain, then 
>> the public's
>> benefit and reason for providing the monopoly in the first 
>> place.  Works
>> must still be contemporary, relevant, and valuable when they enter the
>> public domain, or the constitutional mandate of "promoting 
>> progress" is
>> not met, and the term of the copyright is unconstitutional.
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