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Re: [dvd-discuss] another topic

California has had a limited set of this since I moved here in the early 
80s. Merchants get the DL numbers and put them on checks. They can track 
you down using it. Bouncing a check is a serious offense and they put out 
a warrent for you. Without showing proper cause (e.g., a hit and run 
accident), getting addresses is done. That changed after a young actress 
in a popular sitcom was killed by a stalker in the front door of her 
apartment. He had tracked her down using the DMV.

Still extending it to allow merchants to get access sucks. The governement 
is not TRW credit reporting.

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On Monday, November 5, 2001, at 04:57  PM, Noah silva wrote:

> While not DVD related, I thought some of the people on this list might
> find it.... entertaining.. (if that is the word I want.)
> http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/2.02/dmv_pr.html
>  -- noah silva
Good thing I don't drive...