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Re: [dvd-discuss] FW: SJ MercuryNews, Ruling a blow for DVD indus try (11-02-2001) (Emailing: dvdsuit02.htm)

On Monday 05 November 2001 11:13, you wrote:
> The thing that this murky news article neglects to mention is that trade
> secret protection is only from those who have the obligation to keep
> the secret but do not.  And perhaps those who can be shown to have
> directly stolen the secret from the owners (i.e. you break in to the vault
> in Atlanta to aquire the Coca Cola recipie, but you leave your fingerprints
> behind).
> Independant discovery of a process that somebody else considers to
> be "their secret" is _not_ legally prohibited.


Keep your eye out for "trade secret" legislation at the Federal level
that will effectively rule out the independent-discovery defense and
provide patent-like "intellectual property" with neither the expiration nor
originality requirements of patents.

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